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Crushed Charcoal

Crushed Charcoal

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Charcoal is a very important element that should be included in almost all terrarium substrate mixes. 

it has many qualities such as preventing soil compression, improving drainage through the substrate and most importantly it removes impurities from inside the terrarium. 

It can remove toxins from the substrate air & water in your terrarium that can build up over time. Without removing these impurities they can build up & start to cause problems to your plants & clean up crew inside your terrarium!

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Are terrariums easy to care for?

They sure are! Terrariums are one of the easiest ways of keeping & growing plants.

Does my terrarium need to be watered?

Terrariums require little to no watering what so ever! Every terrarium is unique & will come with its very own care guide.

How does a terrarium get posted without being destroyed?

To ensure the terrariums arrives in the same condition it left in we gently pack the inside with bubble wrap to hold everything in place. When it arrives simply remove the bubble wrap & that's all there is to it!