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Q. Do you ship terrariums internationally?

Unfortunately we do not ship terrariums internationally at the moment but here are our products available for international shipping: Internationally shipped products


Q. Do you post complete terrariums?

Yes we do! To ensure the terrariums arrives in the same condition it left in we gently pack the inside with bubble wrap to hold everything in place. When it arrives simply remove the bubble wrap & that's all there is to it!


Q. How do I care for a terrarium?

The joys of terrariums are that they are unbelievably easy to keep & look after! Every terrarium comes with a care guide but a few key points are:

  • Do not need regular watering 
  • Keep in a bright spot out of direct sunlight


Q. How long do terrariums live?

 With proper care terrariums can live for many years with the oldest know to be over 60 years old & still growing!