The Benefits of Microfauna for Terrariums

The Benefits of Microfauna for Terrariums

If you're interested in creating a healthy and thriving ecosystem in your terrarium, you may want to consider adding microfauna. These tiny creatures play a critical role in the natural balance of an ecosystem, and can help maintain a healthy environment for your plants.

A grey and brown isopod crawling on a leaf

What is Microfauna?

Microfauna are tiny creatures that live in the soil and other organic matter in terrariums. They include a wide range of organisms, including springtails, isopods, and mites. These tiny creatures are beneficial to terrariums because they help break down organic matter and aerate the soil, which can lead to healthier and more lush plant growth.

Benefits of Microfauna in Terrariums

There are many benefits to adding microfauna to your terrarium. One of the most important benefits is that they help break down organic matter in the soil, which can improve soil structure and plant growth. Additionally, microfauna can help maintain a healthy balance of nutrients and bacteria in the soil, which can help prevent harmful organisms from thriving. They also eat things like mould that could be harmful to the terrariums

A tiny white springtail on a dries leaf

How to Add Microfauna to Your Terrarium

If you're interested in adding microfauna to your terrarium, there are a few steps you can take. First, make sure that your terrarium is large enough to support a healthy population of microfauna. Next, choose the type of microfauna that you would like to add, such as springtails or isopods. You can purchase these creatures from most pet shops and a variety online of online retailers. Carefully place/pour them onto the substrate and let them settle in.

Caring for Microfauna in Terrariums

Microfauna are generally low-maintenance creatures, but it's important to keep their environment healthy and stable. Make sure to keep your terrarium moist and provide adequate food for your microfauna this can be done by crunching up some dried leaves and sprinkling them on the substrate. Avoid using any harsh chemicals in your terrarium, as these can harm your microfauna and upset the delicate balance of your

A group of springtails eating decaying matter in the substrate of a terrarium


Microfauna are an important and beneficial addition to any terrarium. By helping to maintain a healthy and balanced ecosystem, these tiny creatures can improve plant growth and overall terrarium health. With the right care and attention, your microfauna can thrive in your terrarium, creating a natural and thriving environment for your plants.


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