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Terrarium Designs

How To Make a Terrarium - A Complete Beginners Guide

How To Make a Terrarium - A Complete Beginners Guide

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In this book, you'll learn everything you need to make your very own terrarium and how to care for it. Terrariums are a beautiful way of displaying plants and moss in your home; the closed ecosystem makes them very easy to look after, as they pretty much care for themselves!

This book is perfect for someone who is new to terrarium making or someone wanting to upgrade their terrarium knowledge.

Terrarium making is a great low-maintenance DIY project that will undoubtedly have you hooked for the long term. But unfortunately, terrariums can seem dauntewith all the different elements that go into making one, I'm here to tell you it’s not! I will cover everything from; picking the correct container, the best substrate mix, the best species of moss and plants to use and much more!

Pages: 50

1 - The Vessel
2 - Drainage
3 - Substrate barrier
4 - Substrate
5 - Hardscape
6 - Moss
7 - Plants
8 - Watering
9 - Microfauna
10 - Lighting
11 - Care

- Drainage depth chart
- 11 of the best beginner terrarium mosses
- 14 perfect beginner plants
- Overwatered terrarium procedure
- DIY lid tutorial
- DIY Springtail culture guide

If you have any questions get in touch!

Customer Reviews

Based on 87 reviews

Very informative book. Great illustrations and step by step guide. Helped me a lot as a first time terrarium builder and saved me trawling the Internet for a lot of conflicting information. Would definately recommend 👌

Mark Leombruno

This book is a must have if you are new to building terrariums. This book is very simple and straightforward. Every step comes with pictures that are easy to comprehend. Also includes lots of tips and substitutes.

Scott Gibson
Awesome Book!

I was really pleased with this book. I'm new to building a terrarium, and this guide is perfect. Easy to read, great pictures, great instruction. Everything you need is in this book. More than worth what I paid for it.


This is super informative! It’s way better than having to scour different videos and websites!

Elle Martin
Immediately helpful

This was friendly, informative, and immediately helpful. I found it easy to read through and understand. I had all the supplies (R.i.p. window screen) and made a terrarium later the night I finished reading it! I will reread this several times Im sure

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Are terrariums easy to care for?

They sure are! Terrariums are one of the easiest ways of keeping & growing plants.

Does my terrarium need to be watered?

Terrariums require little to no watering what so ever! Every terrarium is unique & will come with its very own care guide.

How does a terrarium get posted without being destroyed?

To ensure the terrariums arrives in the same condition it left in we gently pack the inside with bubble wrap to hold everything in place. When it arrives simply remove the bubble wrap & that's all there is to it!