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Cushion Moss Tub 8cm x 8cm (UK Delivery Only)

Cushion Moss Tub 8cm x 8cm (UK Delivery Only)

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Cushion Moss (Leucobryum Glaucum)

Cushion moss is one of the most popular choices in the terrarium hobby, known for its vibrant green colour and cushion-like texture. This versatile live terrarium moss adds a lush, natural look to any terrarium setup, making it a favorite among terrarium enthusiasts. Easy to grow and perfect for beginners, cushion moss thrives with minimal care making it perfect for beginners.

Moss Difficulty Rating: Easy & Beginner-Friendly

Growth Speed: Medium/Slow

How to Plant: Directly onto terrarium substrate

Product Details:

Size: You’ll receive a tub of cushion moss (with lid) measuring approximately 8cm x 8cm.
Natural Variation: Just like plants, moss varies from patch to patch. Your cushion moss may not look exactly like the photos, but rest assured it will be very similar and just as beautiful.

Why Choose Cushion Moss for Your Terrarium?

Lush Appearance: The dense, green foliage of cushion moss creates a vibrant, natural look.
Easy Maintenance: Ideal for beginners, this easy terrarium moss requires minimal care to thrive.
Versatility: Perfect for various terrarium designs, from simple setups to intricate hardscapes.

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Rather not say....

I didn't buy this but it looks really high-quality and my parents won't let me and I also live in Australia

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